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People Will Surprise You

It really is funny how life’s odd moments can sneak up on you. I actually had someone famous in my house tonight.

And now, I would like to present and actual conversation I had with my mother. For those who’ve heard my stories about my mom this is another classic.

Yep, that one is right up there with the time I had to spend an hour an a half on the phone reassuring her that Saddam Hussein wasn't going to attack Japan.

Merry Christmas!

Greetings all!


On this special day I hope Santa Claus, the Chanukah zombie, Kawanzaabot, Istishia; the King of the Water Elementals, or whatever cheerfully marketable mascot associated with this time of year that you like best brought you loads of cool stuff.


I already mentioned the stuff I ordered for myself as grandpa’s present to me so I won’t comment on that. Other than to say that my New X-Men omnibus is heavy enough to turn a gopher into paste if it should ever fall on one.


So what other joy did I find under my tree you? How lovely of you to ask!


  • A nice selection of new shirts, socks, underwear, gloves, shoes, and a light leather jacket. It truly is a sign that you’ve become a lameass adult when you get underwear for Christmas and you’re happy about it.


  • Some wash rags, a potato peeler, and a Tupperware tub. This was from my dad and step-mom. I think they must have misunderstood me when I told them I bought those things for my apartment back in Japan. Still, they won’t go to waste. I’ll use them once I get a place here in the States.


  • A bag of my favorite candy; nerds. There is no small amount of irony in that and it’s not lost on me.


  • A really sweet MP3 player. The flight back to Japan just got a lot more bearable.


  • A new Columbia wallet and belt. These I really needed. My belt has seen better days and my wallet was literally falling apart.



Christmas Day itself was pretty good. Mom, Denny, Aunt Vicki, Cainen, and much to my surprise, my great uncle Tommy and his wife all came by. I haven’t seen Uncle Tommy in years. I wish I’d thought to grab a picture.


We let the dog come downstairs to where we were opening presents. But she kept running around jumping all over everything and driving us nuts. So she got exiled upstairs for the rest of the presents being opening and we had to listen to her whine endlessly.


The worst the cat did was crawl around in the presents once. She doesn’t even knock ornaments of the tree anymore.


For now my after holiday plans are to hit the malls and enjoy the after Christmas sales. I also got almost $200 in cash from various relatives. Times to score a few more goodies and vitals before it’s because to the salt mines in Japan.

I’m waiting to hear back from ryogalost and see if he’s going to be able to come up and visit. If he can’t make I’ll just mail him the package with the gifts for everyone down in that neck of the woods. donna_c_punk already got the stuff I sent her, so that box is the last of the gifts I brought back.


Due South
I did a little research for that trip I want to take to Australia this summer. And just for the heck of it I had a look at New Zealand as well. Sadly, the official tourism websites for each nation rather leave something to be desired.

The only thing I've really decided after looking today is that I'll seriously consider hitting Melbourne. It sounds like there's quite a bit going on in that town. I wouldn't mind seeing Canberra either just because it's a bit off the beaten path of most tourists.

I'm considering getting one of those really big hiking bags, tossing several changes of clothes in, and just doing laundry as needed while I travel. Anything big I buy on the way I could just mail back to Japan.

Though I might reconsider the time of year I go. August is winter down there. Now being a born Great Lakes boy whatever passes for winter in Australia holds no fear for me. But I really do want to spend some time on the beaches there so maybe I'll try and go during spring instead. Though prices will certainly be higher then.

The other day I was in the basement hunting for a good shirt to wear for the upteenth passport-sized photo I've had to get as part of the JET application process. While I was poking around I found the happi coat I was given by that teacher's college in Nagoya when I was in Japan as part of the Far East Exchange Program back in 2001. Some of you have seen me in this because I wore it and a headband to a JAS Halloween party a few years ago. I was supposed to be a Japanese festival goer.

Not to long after that part grandpa washed the coat in something that didn't agree with it and there were these pinkish blotches on parts of the arms and back. I was pretty upset and put it away, writing it off as ruined.

Anyway, just of the heck of it I dug the thing out and had another look at it. The damage wasn't as bad as I remembered it being. It just sorta looks like a coat that got something on it and hasn't been washed yet.

It might not be in perfect shape, but I think I'll take it with me to Japan. Japanese folks sure would be surprised to see a gaijin who owns a happi coat. I've even thinking of wearing it to the mall or something once just for the heck of it.

Nerve Wrecked
I've been worrying about that medical form I have to get filled out. I forgot about the x-rays bit. Anything older than three months is no good. So that means new ones. Time isn't as big a factor here, but I want it done ASAP just for my own peace of mind. So I'll call the clinic and see about setting that up as well. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

I know I'm worrying to much about this. But fear of something small tripping up something important to me is sorta wired into my brain. I'm not as worried about it as I was a little while ago, but I guess I won't fully be able to relax till my plane sets down in Tokyo.

On a lighter note...

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One Step Closer
I filled out my VISA application and sent it off to JET. I was feeling a bit paranoid about it getting there by the August 2nd deadline. So even though priority mail is 2-3 days I decided to splurge, drop an extra $10 and have it send express. Now that sucker is granteed to be in Chicago by tomorrow.

I don't think the Chicago office is open then, but I feel better none the less. I'll call Monday afternoon to make sure it got there and that there were no problems with the form.

I have an appointment with the doctor Tuesday morning to get checked out and get my health form filled out. Once that's sent in all the paperwork should be taken care of. Hopefully there won't be any problems there. My health is fine. I'm just concerned about getting everything filled out.

I decided that beating X-Men Legends was rather high on my list of things I want to do before I leave. So I went down to the local Family Video and rented a copy. Hot damn was Shadow King hard to beat. But now I'm ready to take the fight to Magneto on Asteroid M. Yeah, baby! Buckethead is goin' down!

Voice Of Heroes
According to his offical website, has been cast in the Naruto dub. He doesn't say what role but ANN lists him as the voice of Sasuke. The guy operates out of LA and his background shows him working on other shows as some people already cast. So I think this is true.

The guy gets extra points for being fluent in Japanese. That's gotta help him out somehow.

Once More Into the Breach
Now that the initial euphoria of making it into JET has worn off all I can think it "WTF have I gotten myself into!" I haven't been studying Japanese and I'm going to be back their in less than there weeks, I have more forms that I care to think about that I have make sure I have, I have to buy gifts for the bigshots where I'll be going, I have to pack, gather/buy stuff to use in teaching and god knows what else.

*Charlie Brown scream*

Ye gods, I don't know if I'm up for this.

Aw hell, if I can survive in Sapporo for eight months I can handle this. I've been wanting this for years and now I have it. So it's time to buckle down and find out what I'm really made of, I suppose. Phone calls will be made tomorrow to start getting things in order, real studying will resume and I'll sort through those eight e-mails I got within hours so saying I still wanted to go. As Hunter S. Thompson often said "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

So they've picked the new Kitty Pryde for X3.

Wow, that's pretty spot on. I like Ultimate Shadowcat what with the way cute freckels and all, but this gal looks a lot like the Kitty of Astonishing X-Men.

Book Off
Once again it's time to talk comics.

GLA #4: Big Berta sits on an S&M freak. Doorman gets a spiffy set of skies. Flatman comes out of the closet. (Not really a surprise.) Mr. Immortal beats the hell out of his imaginary childhood friend, learns the cosmic reason everyone he's truely loved has died tragically since the day he was born, what his ultimate destiny will  be and saves the universe in a pretty smart way that only he could.

Damn, this was a great mini-series. At times bought laugh out loud funny and also very touching at times. The joke on the last page was priceless! I really want to see more of these guys soon.

Teen Titans #26: Superboy is at the lowest point he's ever been in thanks to some mind control and some facts about his origin coming to light. Seeing as how while under the influence he single-handedly beat the living shit out of all the Teen Titans, including his best friend Robin and girlfriend, Wonder Girl, this is rather understandable. Then Raven shows up and does that whole confront yourself thing that Yoda did with Luke Skywalker in that cave.

Great issue. Raven's little speech about how she knows exactly how Superboy is feeling really strikes home. The nod to Smallville was also really cool. The colorist on this issue deserves some praise too. The violet used for Raven's eyes really jumped out at me.

Samurai Deeper Kyo #15: Mostly treading water this issue. A cool new villian showed up and we learned more about Sasuke and Botenmaru, but all in all not that much happened.

Genshiken #2: Saki struggles with the hassles of having a hadcore otaku for a boyfriend and eventually gets blackmailed into joining the club. The Prez steps down and leaves Madarame in charge. But not before showing that he's got a trick or two up his sleeve to make sure the Genshiken will live on after he's gone.

Poor Saki. She's kind of bitchy, but her attempts to make her relationship with Kosaka work despite his obsesion with anime and video games are pretty funny. As are her failing efforts to avoid getting dragged deeper into the world of geeks that is the Genshiken.

I also found some clips from the upcoming Genshiken dub online. It's really, really good! Everyone sounds just like I'd imagened.

Finally, I just got caught up with the Bleach manga. OMGWTF?! What the hell is up with *him*?

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